Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

Market Sector ; past, current, and future

As we know, at this time many market sectors that use the Internet as a medium for buying transactions or even only to select products. for the task this time I will choose the transportation sector. to explain, I will take the example railroad.

First, if people want to buy and know the schedule departure and arrival, the customer must come directly to the location. Things like this actually hurt the consumers who live far from the Gambir station than discard energy and freight. Especially with all the traffic.

But now, the train companies have websites that can provide information on the travel of the desired customer with full price tickets. Progress is certainly easier and can improve customer satisfaction from customers themselves. but be pitied, the website provided PT train this limited only to information only. The purchase of tickets remains for the customer directly to the location of the station.

Possible for consideration to the future, PT train can have more use for the Internet medium is the maximum again. Such as reservations can be made online. Such as that already applied by the flight companies. After booking a new ticket can be directly taken at the station. Payment can be done in various ways such as using a credit card, debit or automatic payment of cash in place. With the introduction of this station may also be reduced crowd and the lack of complaints because run out ticket.

Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Apakah e-procurement itu perlu??

There are some questions from some prod friends that duties related to the implementation of the procurement of goods / services, and government officials at the Center, among others: "why you need to implement e-Procurement?, What we are ready, how to impact the parties?

It seems most of my friends in the bureaucracy in Indonesia have contrib. enough in creating the conditions for the development of the less educated the business world. In various areas of the city / district, the packages should go to the block of work to get the best offer (out of the bidding price and technical capabilities of) is limited to the provider of the goods / services in the environment of the city own. How? Although the administration of the procurement documents of goods and services shows a flow process of auction, but the staff was mayor / regent authorities in the process of coordinating the procurement of goods and services are supported by association with the goods / services local snack package - the package work as a mother to share the cake their children. Indeed, in the end all the contractors / suppliers in the area get a job because the number of goods / services in the region is relatively balanced with the number of work packages that are available. But the fact is, the A to get the package and the work package B of the work is not based on technical and financial ability but based on their close or not their decision in the area. Analogy yes if the mother is more subjective and trust close to the first-born child, the first may be even more cakes youngest child is actually more appropriate for one.

Does it hurt? Budgets are yet to pay for the work packages are also derived from the tax / levy paid by the community area. If so does the work is a provider of goods / services from the region itself then the money will flow back to the local society. Such a view is not wrong, but if the review from the task of the government (including local government) to developed local economy and to prepare the components for the region can compete globally, then the policy steps can be categorized as "less strategic". If in 2010 the world will force the international trade that convention (including the provision of goods and services) should have been implemented in full with the free (free fight competition) in the Asia region with its AFTA, the business we will be black-and-blue because it is not trained to compete in a professional. Compete with the contractor / supplier from the city / other districts they are not normal.
Policies that are less strategic are not actually going on in all government institutions. Intelligences to innovation and pro-change towards a better birth usually because of a problem. Suppose the City Government of Surabaya that applies e-Procurement since 2004. This policy has taken one of them because there are complicated problems which occur balance the number of businesses working to become the provider of goods / services with the government on the number of work packages that can be offered by City Budgets. So than the Mayor or a Head of Department will be on the claim by the contractor / supplier has been unfair in determining executive employment package, the package is working just go to the block is open through internet media. Response to the business world? They were all staring happy because the amount of time the new package can work with a number of which appear very much (more than 400 packages with a variety of job classifications and qualifications in the field of business in 2003, 1200, an employment package in 2004 and 1500-an employment package in the 2005), so that they can snatch the cake with a more liberal fair. This is very different with the implementation of the procurement of goods / services in the previous years in which each of the Office of the packages into the job responsibilities of its own with a different schedule. Consequently, its extreme often one company can continue to get a job from one Department to another Department and one other company always bite the finger even though the company is actually quite qualified.

Implementation of the work can be accessed by the public in e-Procurement site, so the public can participate in the field overseeing; Policy mayor is taken produce results that do not lose it's just the problem of the business world.

In the case of the Government of Surabaya can answered questions why we need to implement the procurement of goods and services in e-Government Procurement?
Who we implement e-Procurement?
Talking problems readiness plan the implementation of the program, we usually cannot be separated from the discussion of the availability of the umbrella regulations, the ability of human resources, workplace culture and change readiness of systems and procedures. Otherwise with the implementation of e-Procurement.

Many parties ask the legal umbrella of the e-Procurement. Actual Presidential Decree numbers 80 of 2003 already facilitate it. Even articles and attachment provisions of legislation explicitly, the new very thick with the feel of the competition to create a more healthy for the business and force the bureaucracy to become more professional and clean (clean government and good governance).

Indeed, there are no regulations that specifically set up systems and procedures of the e-Procurement as a form of electronic transactions, but it a must that we all have to wait? The Government of Surabaya evidence can be e-Procurement implementation without waiting for the law telecommunications e-Procurement. For a while local initiatives to translate the system and procedures of Presidential Decree number 80 of 2003 into the process with the electronic form of regulation is very effective Mayor facilitate needs referral law if disputes occur in the process of the electronic auction / e-Procurement.

Meanwhile, while the signal on-the readiness of human resources in the bureaucracy and the range of goods / services to understand and work with IT (Information Technology) did not need to concern. With the socialization and training and planned enough, then the problem of up-grading and human resources efforts to change workplace culture can be resolved by itself.
How does the impact of the implementation of e-Procurement for the parties?
A very interesting issue and come to the attention of friends in various bureaucratic government programs is the eradication of KKN incentive now done by the President. Corruption apparatus such as KPK investigators, the Police and the Attorney General is very concerned to read the allegations of KKN-allegations on the procurement of goods / services. And the Presidential Decree 80 of 2003 provides space for the enforcement of criminal law for the parties to the process of procurement of breach of goods and services. So that the vertigo had heard from many friends in the bureaucracy implement the task - the task of implementing the procurement of goods / services for fear of a suspect case corruption.

In this case, the actual obligation and government agencies concerned to create a system that does not find the range bureaucracy eyehole do KKN. Besides, the system must be able to reassure employees that do not get stuck because of an error by carelessness or ignorance of the systems and procedures and can avoid the suspicion community / law enforcement because of possible differences in interpretation of the system mandated Presidential Decree 80/2003. The answer is implemented e-Procurement. With e-Procurement is trying to stage some of the process automation and administration of the auction, the rift can be closed KKN. By applying the operational system of the transparent and responsibility into the form of the rigid conditions, the errors due to the procedure and human error or human interference with the committee and the procurement of goods / services can be eliminated.

Finally arrived at a conclusion that the availability of human resources regulations and readiness is not a crucial matter. Moreover, Bill ITE is now established as law. Important that there is a intention of all parties together to create a working system that can prevent occurrence of KKN. If intention can be born in a real action, then the e-Procurement will be applied properly.

So, whether we are ready to implement e-Procurement? What is e-Procurement is necessary? Implications for how the parties? The answer is in us all. Clear that some institutions have successfully implemented the Government such as the BRR NAD-Nias, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Pemprop Gorontalo, Pemprop Kaltim, Pemkot Bogor, Pemkot Balikpapan, Surabaya Pemkot and several other institutions that are currently in the process of preparation of the implementation.

Rabu, 15 April 2009


After a lengthy discussion about e-commerce in the previous posts, it's time about the strategic decisions made by a company on e-business too.

By knowing the strategy can know how important strategy is needed in the company. Next is a 6 e-business strategies that are applied to the Cheese Cake Factory Company Indonesia:

E-business Channel Priorities

Cheese Cake Factory use strategy Bricks and Clicks. In addition to this website to provide information about the products owned by the Cheese Cake Factory, also provides an online purchase.

Restructuring and organizational capabilities

The strategy used was the in-house division. With this profit is owned by the Cheese Cake Factory to be larger because they do not need to do the division of profit with other companies. But one division is required to develop this strategy, but its impact is the expenditure for the division.

Business, service and revenue models

For this strategy is divided into 3 terms, namely:

Marketplace Position

The position of the Cheese Cake Factory is a Manufacturer. Because for every product produced is the production itself.

Revenue Model

Revenue models in use is the Cheese Cake Factory Direct Product Sales of Product. Cheese Cake Factory to produce their own individual products also sell their own products in the shops or through the website.

Commercial Model

Commercial Model of the Cheese Cake Factory is a Fixed Price Sale. Cheese Cake Factory sells products with prices that do not change.

Marketplace restructuring

Marketplace for the restructuring is divided into 2, namely the buy side and sell side. Buy into the side is a direct purchase material for the production cake directly to producers. Which is a Sell Side Seller directly to Customer? Cheese Cake Factory does not sell its products through a supplier or wholesaler anywhere but directly to the customer.

Market and product development strategies

Because the Cheese Cake Factory has the products and market existing at this time. So the strategy is to use penetration Market Strategy. This growth strategy with the market share can be run more effectively. In addition, Cheese Cake Factory can be more increased services so that customers become better. Because of the increased value for product every owned. In addition, more profit can be increased due to an order through online.

Positioning and differentiation strategies

On this strategy there are 4 choices of focus strategy, including product performance excellence, price performance excellence, transactional excellence, excellence and relationship. Cheese Cake Factory itself can focus on implementing the following strategies:

Product performance excellence: providing an online product customization. Customize the product to the Cheese Cake Factory can be done for example on the order of birthday cake. Custom sizes can be an election cake, writing on the cake, the candle decorations that can be added to the cake, until the order as a birthday card to them for free.

Relationship excellence: enables consumers to conduct a review or a sales order history repeat placing order. Consumers can register to become a member before making the order, so that the data will be stored and consumers can make orders or to see the next orders of the member with the comfortable area.

For each above strategy cannot always be used for each company. Depending on the type of company and the vision and mission of the company. In addition, also depends on the type of e-business used by the company.

Rabu, 08 April 2009

Website untuk Retailer Kecil

Website merupakan cara untuk menampilkan profile company di dunia maya. Dengan cara tersebut tidak membatasi siapa pun untuk mengetahui, melihat dan mempelajari lebih jauh apa yang dimiliki perusahaan pemilik website tersebut. Dengan adanya website pada perusahaan retailer kecil dapat mendukung untuk perusahaan tersebut menjadi lebih berkembang. Setiap orang dapat melihat apa saja yang ada di perusahaan. Dengan kondisi seperti ini memungkinkan perusahaan untuk melebarkan sayapnya dengan memberikan pelayanan lebih seperti ini dan merupakan strategi pemasaran yang bagus untuk mengembangkan bisnis mereka. selain itu dapat memberikan brain image yang lebih dari sudut pandang customer terhadap perusahaan kita.

Langkah-langkah membuat website pada perusahaan retailer kecil :

1. Menentukan tampilan / Design
kita harus menentukan apa saja yang akan ditampilkan di website tersebut, biasanya dengan design yang menarik akan menentukan banyaknya orang yang akan mengunjungi website kita tersebut. selain itu company profile pun biasanya ditampilkan pada website tersebut. yang paling penting informasi apa saja yang akan dijual oleh perusahaan, informasinya pun harus jelas agar customer tidak merasa bingung apa yang disediakan perusahaan.

2. Mendaftarkan domain
Domain dapat dibeli atau diregistrasikan di register domain

3. Menyediakan hosting
menggunakan layanan jasa penyewaan tempat di internet untuk menampilkan produk-produk kita di internet

4. Mempromosikan website
dengan tersedianya website tanpa dipromosikannya website tersebut tidak ada gunanya, sehingga kita pun harus mempromosikan website tersebut. cara yang biasa digunakan untuk mempromosikan website adalah dengan mendaftarkannya pada search engine.

Bagaimana cara mantain website yang sudah ada??
kita dapat melakukan research terhadap website yang sudah berjalan, apakah ditemukan kekurangan pada website tersebut?? jika ditemukan kekurangan, kita dapat menyempurnakan website tersebut dengan menambah kekurangan-kekurangan yang ada. sehingga dengan research tersebut kita dapat lebih menyempurnakan website yang kita miliki. setelah itu, diakan research secara terus menerus denagn intensitas yang lebih sering agar website yang dimiliki semakin lama semakin sempuna.

Rabu, 01 April 2009

Online Business untuk Property (Design Interior)

Dengan banyaknya bisnis property (design interior) yang menggunakan internet, semakin memudahkan hubungan antara developer dengan customer. Dilihat dengan semakin banyaknya orang yang menggunakan internet, hal tersebut semakin menguntungkan perusahaan property tersebuat dalam mandapatkan customer. Juga memudahkan customer dalam mencari informasi tentang apa yang mereka inginkan mengenai property-property ter-update saat ini.

Media promosi yang dapat dilakukan adalah sebagai berikut :

1. membuat website

2. membuat blog

3. memanfaatkan media facebook

Online bisnis dalam untuk property dapat bermanfaat sebagai berikut :

1. memberikan informasi tentang perusahaan property tersebut
2. menampilkan contoh2 design yang update dengan trend property saay ini
3. memberikan spesifikasi bahan yang sesuai dengan design yang akan dibuat
4. memberikan spesifikasi harga sesuai dengan bahan yang digunakan
5. mencari vendor untuk supplier material yang akan digunakan
6. sebagai media untuk promosi

Bisnis model
Dengan menggunakan media internet dapat memudahkan customer untuk mengakses perusahaan property yang kita miliki. selain itu juga customer dapat melihat design-design yang update sebagai bahan pertimbangan mereka untuk menentukan design apa yang akan mereka pilih sesuai dengan keinginan mereka. customer pu dapat bertransaksi langsung dengan menggunakan media internet dengan menentukan spesifikasi ruangan dan design apa yang akan mereka pilih. Dengan kemudahan yang diberikan, maka semakin banyak mendapatkan customer yang mengutamakan kumudahan dalam berbisnis. Selain itu juga akan menignkatkan kualitas perusahaan dimata customer.